Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Paean to Baylling Higher Secondary School

Baylling HSS, I have heard of thy name,
Long era I came to thee,
I have enjoyed the pleasure that I cannot share,
But enjoys in silence and seclusion.
On 4th March 2009, could I open my sense from deep slumber,
To see and feel the deep luster of reality,
Difference in dream and reality learnt,
Dumbfounded have I become to embrace truth of Baylling.
How lovely a place is, except for little cold?
Surrounded by opulent vegetation, traditional village setting,
Legendary lakhangs, majestic dzong and human beings with human heart,
Baylling is like telescope used by Galileo to study stars.
Scholastic figures, curious hearts, lending minds and helping hands,
Are the living lives of Baylling HSS,
The weapons of cooperation, family feelings, sense of unity are lances,
That can penetrate thru’ the hardest obstruction against education.
All students and teachers are my protection,
All I prostrate and pray are to appease and harness more strength,
That I shall, I shall,
With sincere devotion of my heart and soul!
Baylling already has a name so great,
In the history of education of Bhutan,
Its luminous radiant shining ever in the sky like northern star,
Its victory flag fluttering ever higher, higher than all wishers could aspire.
It is a solace to rest with music of peace,
It is thirst quenching to drink the cool water of success,
But alas! Live of solace, peace and success is like short-lived daffodils,
Knowing this we ought to keep our eyes of sense open even while asleep.
Walk with precaution, enemies with icy-cold hands are abound,
Let us whet our knowledge, and maintain its perpetual sharpness,
Let us cleanse our defilement with prayers and seek refuge in the land of Almighty,
You and I, joining hands, receiving spiritual blessings can make Baylling a sacred place for learning.

-          Dedicated to all Baylling families

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